Great Party

 We saw their Welcome To The Jungle Event, and decided to attend. The hospitality was great, and we really enjoyed dancing and meeting all the nice people that were there! Hope we didn't get too out of control. We will definitely be back!




I love Jenny and Johnny. They are amazing. Since the first party I attended to every party since they have made me feel wanted and comfortable. There's something for everyone at these parties and there always fun. As a unicorn in the lifestyle safety is a big concern and everyone has always made me feel safe. 
From every inch of me thank you for creating these parties of delight!

Desert Unicorn



Thank you so much! We had a great time and look forward to your Anniversary party in Aug. It was the most comfortable I have felt in the lifestyle so far! Thank you again for being so warm and welcoming! 




John & Jenny,

Had a great time at your Halloween party, this was my first time here. Also my first swing experience. Glad it was here. Everyone was very nice. Including Joe (The Snake) your volunteer host. Would definitely like to come back again and experience more of the fun.


It wasn't easy for me, a single woman, to join in at first. I was nervous and shy but everyone was very nice and made me feel comfortable. I was given a tour along with being introduced to everyone. 
As the evening progressed I felt an atmosphere that I had never felt before. There was laughing, rock-n-roll, and lots of other activities. I felt totally at ease and could be myself. I even had a heart to heart talk with someone there who I connected with, and then this beautiful couple came in, it was the lady's birthday so we celebrated by singing happy birthday and had birthday cake. I had a most wonderful fun filled time, and it was one of the best parties that I've ever been to. I feel honored that I was invited back for anytime I wanted. 
I felt very much at home. These people are very beautiful and special and I definitely will go back.




It started with my phone call on a Wednesday with Jen and it did not feel like an interrogation. By the time I was done talking with her, I felt excited about coming. From the time we arrived to the time we left, we were so at ease with everybody that I can only say that the atmosphere here was better than a lot of places that I have been to. J & J give new meaning to the word hosts as they treat you like family and make you feel welcome. Thanks for the great time and looking forward to more fun times in the future.

H & J



J & J have put together the best lifestyle gathering! Style and class, these two have taken JJ Western Swing to the epitome of swinger parties. The facilities are so well put together, showing so much care, and attention to detail. We have never met so many “real people” , at any other swinger party we have ever attended! Female J is the perfect combination of hostess and friend. Male J has the perfect personality that will have you visiting again and again. We look forward to each of our visits and know after your first, you will too!




This truly is an enjoyable place. It is so well thought out. The atmosphere is so inviting and laid back.

What can I say about Jenny and Johnny? This couple sets the example for being hosts. When the door opened, I was welcomed in so sincerely that I felt compelled to hug Jenny as if we were old friends. I sat and talked with them like with had known each other for years. They are very good people.

It is said "like minds attract". Well JJ's proves that statement. The couples and singles I met this weekend all shared the same happy, fun-spirited energy that Jenny and Johnny have. When I say fun-spirited I mean fun-spirited. We had some unbelievable Fun. Fun that completely wears you out and as soon as you cool down you want more. Fun, fun…fun.

Needless to say I love this place and I highly recommend it.




We would like to thank all the fun new friends we have made coming out to JJ's. Thanks to the host and hostess you made us feel really comfortable and very welcomed in your home. WOW! So to all the couples and singles, we say please come to JJ's. The people that come are top notch and full of exciting fun. Folks they have all sorts of things to do there, so don't miss out!



Wanted to thank John and Jenny for a Top Notch Party .... Everytime we go we meet great old friends and make new ones. Loved the party ... There were some real GREAT things happening there over the 4th (We loved it)

Party Hard
Live Life
Be safe

Till next time



John and sweet Jenny, we had a very nice evening Friday the 4th, was very nice to meet a sweet cpl, and we always enjoy u both J&J. huggs and hello to all the wondeful people that were there, we didnt get to meet them all but did enjoy!



My first time
And man I'm sure glad I waited to experience it at JJ Western Swing. What a Hoot. Johnny & Jenny couldn't have made my time there at their party any more pleasing. They are by far the best hosts of any party I've ever gone to. They make you feel right at home. My hats off to you two among a few more things. Can't wait to enjoy one of your parties again and again. 
Da Plumber



John and Jenny,
We had a Great time this weekend out at your place. The folks that attended, were nothing less than Great, very friendly, and Great party animals. If someone went away without a smile, they were dead. We met old friends and made new ones also. The food was the best, thanks to the grill master and his group of helpers. The swing, outside by the pool got plenty of work.

We can't wait to return and bring some more friends, to enjoy the fun and be with great people.



Changed Our Minds! 

 We discovered JJ's this year, and it totally changed our minds about what a swinger's party is like! John and Jen, the host, and hostess welcome all with open arms, and big smiles, instantly making you feel important, and special. They have worked very hard, to make you feel comfortable. Here you can, and It's great! You get such a feeling of relaxation, calmness, and the stars at night are incredible! You should come out and see for yourselves. You'll come back, we know it! Hope we see you there!


Great Time! 

WOW what a place to go to and let your hair down and have a great time. Jenny and Johnny are a wonderful host couple and they have a great place for swingers to go and feel right at home. It does not matter if you are new to the lifestyle, and just looking to see what it is all about or if you have been in the lifestyle for some time and looking for new experiences. You will find what you are looking for here in a no pressure relaxed setting. Do yourself a favor and check this place out.


First visit! 

This was our first visit to John & Jenny's and what a visit. Made many new friends in a very relaxed atmosphere. The hospitality and friendliness of everyone made for a great experience. We will definitely be back for more!!!  

WOW! I had the best Mothers Day gift.

We just got home from are first visit to JJ Western Swing. John and Jenny were gracious hosts they made us feel welcome. We felt like we were part of a family. The other people there were friendly and welcomed us as well. We have never gone to a party where we felt this comfortable. We had lots of fun with others. The house was very clean and neat. We had the time of our lives. We recommend this to anyone who wants to feel like they are part of a family. Thank you so much John and Jenny for your hospitality. We will be back and recommend you to our friends.


I wanted to say thanks for the wonderful way I was treated, and the great sexy people I met. You truly have a great place and a lot of class. Good luck to both of you!


First lifestyle party at JJ Western Swing 

We went to our first lifestyle party at JJ Western Swing and fit right in with the wonderful, respectful people there. Jenny and Johnny make you feel right at home upon entry and that certainly breaks the ice for you to have a wonderful night of fun and relaxation! You couldn't ask for a more relaxed atmosphere or amenities offered. There is something for everyone and cliques are non-existent. I can't wait for my next visit. It is absolutely well worth it! 

Great Party! 

Wow! What a party! We had a great time. Mostly because of John and Jenny's hospitality. They really know how to make you feel at home. 

Everyone else at the party was truly friendly and fun! Talking about releasing stress, this was a real plus, after the weeklong work schedule. I had a chance play some pool, and my wife danced around. Then I was too excited to play pool after watching her dance!

What a way to end the week! We will tell all of our friends about JJ Western Swing parties. Thanks JJ.



We love JJ Western Swing 

After our first visit to JJ Western Swing, all we can say is we will be back. John and Jenny are great hosts. Their place is clean and inviting. All the people we met were genuinly friendly. We loved it!!  P & O


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