Read About the Lifestyle and our Rules

The lifestyle is intended for couples, and specifically for the women's pleasure. To that end it is important for a couple to determine what they are comfortable with at each stage of their exploration into the lifestyle. Going further than one of the individuals is ready for can have damaging effects. 

In the early stages of attending your first lifestyle parties it is recommended that couples establish rules, what is OK and what is not, and Cue Words to say if one of you is feeling uncomfortable with a current situation or turn of events. Remember emotions and passion are involved and are an exciting part of the lifestyle. 

If partners cannot resolve jealousy, and trust issues after entering, the lifestyle is probably not the place for them. Communication and self awareness are necessary and useful tools, for anyone involved.

Here are some helpful hints and also a few do's and dont's to abide by when attending any lifestyle party;

1. No prostitution or weapons. NO DRUGS, or any illegal activity. JJ Western Swing is a BYOB party, but Lifestyle Family And Friends are reminded to drink in moderation, getting drunk is unacceptable behavior and won't be permitted. 

2. No, camera's, camera cell phone's or any other audio of visual recording device allowed.

3. Loud, arguments, hostile confrontations, fighting or any other disorderly conduct will not be tolerated and are grounds for removal.

4. Do not touch without being invited, and 'NO' means 'NO.'

5. Don't be pushy or rude, don't be a towel shark, and annoy others by following them around.

6. If you are not a couple, do not enter the couples only area.

7. Respect the Privacy And Hold Harmless Agreement, what happens at the Swing, stays at the Swing.

8. The hosts reserve the right to ask anyone to leave who infringes on the rights of others or engages in any other unacceptable behavior. 

WARNING: With the spread of The Aids Virus, and other sexually transmitted diseases on the rise, the use of condoms is highly recommended!

The Lifestyle, and it's benefits toward marriage, and long term relationships

Statistics prove that 60 percent of all marriages, and long term relationships in the world today, are failing, but out of those 60 percent, less than 1 percent are couples who are involved in the lifestyle. These failing marriages, and long term relationships, where children are involved, have damaging effects. Children, especially teens, are acting out as a result of being deprived of growing up in a stable environment. 90 percent of all teen crimes of violence occur as a direct result of failed marriages, and long term relationships. Some site a lack of supervision as a cause, while others blame repressed feelings of anger. Irregardless, the breakdown in family, has left damaging effects on society, as a whole. Most couples separate as a result of three major factors, a lack of trust toward each other, jealousy, or the act of deception through infidelity.

The lifestyle can identify with all of these factors, and help eliminate them. Couples today, are so caught up in their own lives that they seemingly have little to no time for each other! Entering into the lifestyle allows couples to set aside time for each others pleasure. It builds trust between one another, which helps couples to eliminate jealousy issues, and your both in it together, thus helping to remove the need for one or the other to venture outside the relationship, to find companionship, or pleasure. Pleasure through sex, is a God given gift! When your with others, your in it for the pleasure aspects it provides.

When your with your partner, you are making love! The lifestyle is designed to enhance the great relationship you already have, not to replace your partner. If you or anyone you know, is struggling in their relationship please feel free to contact us. 

Jenny and Johnny